Twisted Minds

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Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 17 January, 2016

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Wealthy, sexy as f**k, incredible in bed—that’s me, Nathaniel James, summed up in a sentence.

I know I may seem a little arrogant—okay, maybe more than a little—but when you have the life that I have, there’s no time to be nice. Not with the twisted people who exist in my world.

After catching my mother in an uncompromising position with her pool boy, I decide to take my friend, Finn Walsh, up on his offer to join him in his hometown of Ripley for the summer before we start working at my father’s multi-million dollar property development company—see, this is where the sense of entitlement comes from.

Except when I turn up in the small town of Ripley, the last thing I expect is Finn’s little sister, Kira, to strut her gorgeous ass into my life. There hasn’t been a woman I haven’t been able to get into bed—until her.

Kira’s smart, funny, stubborn as hell, and seems completely resistant to my wealth and good looks. I seem to have met my match, but I haven’t given up yet.

With an attraction that burns hot and cold, Kira and I become entangled in a game of seduction neither of us can break away from—a game that could end with more than just broken hearts.

It’s all part of the twisted game we sometimes have to play.

TWISTED MINDS is a standalone novel for lovers of dirty romance over the age of 18.