Upcoming Releases for 2016

A new year! And with it I come with a ton of motivation to make up for my absence in 2015. First off, I would like to address a few questions that I am often asked:

Will there be a sequel to Beneath Him which focuses on Matt & Emily?

Even though I loved writing Nick and Sky’s story in Beneath Him, my drive for that story was solely based on those two. I loved throwing in hints about Matt and Emily, and their possible relationship, but I haven’t had as much inspiration when it comes to those two. That’s not to say, I am completely ruling out the possibility, but it’s not something I have been thinking about.

Will there be another book in the With Me series?

I get asked this a lot, and my honest answer is that I’m not sure. I have wanted to take a break from this series and work on other things, but I am not ruling out the possibility of another book in this series. There is a lot of potential for other characters to get their own stories. The series is one I love. I would love to go back and read through the books again, update Wrong Side of Town, and then MAYBE reconsider a fifth book later on in the year.

What about Runaway Mortal #2?

Kat has so much ass to kick before this series is complete. Scroll down to find your answer. 🙂

Upcoming releases for 2016

Twisted Minds – It is currently available on Amazon as we speak.

Next Door – Release in April, 2016

The End of Nowhere – Release July, 2016

Runaway Mortal #2 – I begin writing this in June, 2016

Twisted Minds is live!

Twisted Minds just went live on Amazon! Below are a few links you can follow to various Amazon sites where it’s available. Happy reading!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia

Amazon Canada

Wedding dress on fashion model

Wealthy, sexy as f**k, incredible in bed—that’s me, Nathaniel James, summed up in a sentence.

I know I may seem a little arrogant—okay, maybe more than a little—but when you have the life that I have, there’s no time to be nice. Not with the twisted people who exist in my world.

After catching my mother in an uncompromising position with her pool boy, I decide to take my friend, Finn Walsh, up on his offer to join him in his hometown of Ripley for the summer before we start working at my father’s multi-million dollar property development company—see, this is where the sense of entitlement comes from.

Except when I turn up in the small town of Ripley, the last thing I expect is Finn’s little sister, Kira, to strut her gorgeous ass into my life. There hasn’t been a woman I haven’t been able to get into bed—until her.

Kira’s smart, funny, stubborn as hell, and seems completely resistant to my wealth and good looks. I seem to have met my match, but I haven’t given up yet.

With an attraction that burns hot and cold, Kira and I become entangled in a game of seduction neither of us can break away from—a game that could end with more than just broken hearts.

It’s all part of the twisted game we sometimes have to play.

TWISTED MINDS is a standalone novel for lovers of dirty romance over the age of 18.

Twisted Minds Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal & blurb for my late December release, TWISTED MINDS!
Cover designed by the amazing Eden Crane!

Wedding dress on fashion model

Oh, the twisted games we play.
Wealthy, entitled Sebastian James burns through women like he burns through money. When he meets the naively gorgeous Kira Walsh, he is determined to claim her like he did his previous conquests.

Oh, the twisted lives we lead.
Kira Walsh is smart—smart enough to get into a good college, smart enough to have a life plan, and definitely smart enough to steer clear of sexy Sebastian James. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Oh, the twisted lies we tell.
Despite Kira’s resistance, Sebastian is determined to add her to his list, and his ego will not let him lose the chase. With an attraction that burns hot and cold, Sebastian and Kira become entangled in a game of seduction that neither can break away from, even if it ends with the biggest lie of all.

First Chances is live!

Cute couple having a good time outside

FIRST CHANCES is finally live! I have so many feels right now, but relieved is the primary one. I am so relieved that Hadie and Eddie got to have their own story, and that you guys–the incredible readers–pushed so hard for it. Thank you for supporting me on this journey as I learned how to heal and in doing so, healed Hadie.

Also, the book will be 99 cents for a limited release week sale, so be sure to get your copy before the price goes up to $2.99. Happy reading!

Click here to purchase it on the Amazon U.S. site.

Click here to purchase it on the Amazon U.K. site.

First Chances

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about FIRST CHANCES’ release date. This makes me really excited because even though it’s been over two years since FALLING FOR HADIE was first published, you all still care about what happens to Hadie.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a release date for the book just yet. This has definitely been the hardest book for me to write by far. There have been so many things to think about:
– Will Hadie end up with Eddie?
– What will happen in the book to rival the event that took place in FALLING FOR HADIE?
– How can I write this as a standalone, so readers who haven’t read FALLING FOR HADIE can still connect with the characters?

Those are just a few of the many things I’ve been trying to figure out. I am trying to make this the best book that I can so that you guys are happy with how it all ends.

In the last few days, I have made a ton of progress with the book. I’m so happy with the direction it’s going in and can’t wait to share it with you!

Cover reveal for First Chances!

I’m so excited to reveal the cover and blurb for FIRST CHANCES! It will release in March, and is the fourth book in the With Me Series which will revolve around Hadie and Eddie.

Cover designed by Eden Crane. 🙂

“Sometimes your first love isn’t your last.”

Hadie Swinton isn’t the good girl she used to be. After losing the love of her life, she casts aside her squeaky clean image and spends her nights drinking and staying out late.

Eddie Cavallari is sick of being the nice guy who always finishes last. He’s been by Hadie’s side through her grief, but is close to giving up on her after she starts pushing him away.

Once friends, the pair are now strangers in each other’s lives. Hidden beneath her makeup and tight clothes, Hadie is trying to lose herself, but when a shock revelation hurtles through her already fragile life, Eddie is the only one willing to stand by her and lead her back into the light.

Despite the obstacles in their way, Eddie is determined to prove to Hadie that even when love dies, it never really leaves us.

Cute couple having a good time outside

Cover reveal for Hungarian Edition of Impossible!

I am so beyond excited to share the cover reveal for ‘Mire jĂł a rosszfiĂş’ which is the Hungarian edition of ‘Impossible’ to be published by Mora Publishing in March, 2015. I can’t express how much I love this cover! It is so wonderful to see their interpretation of the story conveyed in the cover. Also, I have to add that Mora Publishing has been so great to me over the past few months. I have loved every moment of working with them!