New Release: JUNK


Hey, everyone! I finally have a new release available! This one is an Adult Contemporary Romance called JUNK and is available on all Amazon platforms for your Kindle!

Thank you for your patience and all your support. I will be updating the website this month and making another post about what to expect from me this year. 🙂

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At twenty-five, I met both my mortal enemy and my one true love.

The problem? They ended up being the same person.

My first encounter with Wade Welsecky and his swoon-inducing, chiseled torso was a disaster of epic proportions. After giving him an accidental strip show in a rundown diner, and him stealing my Gucci blouse, I became determined to run that cocky jerk over.

That was the thing about Wade—even though he pushed all my buttons, I so badly wanted him to undo them too.

Our second encounter was even worse. This time, I really did try to run him over…

…but ended up running right into a tree.

Now I’m stuck in Middle-of-Nowhere, Wisconsin with only one person in town who can help with my car troubles. That’s right. My mortal enemy, Wade Welsecky.

But with Wade as swelteringly hot as the Midwest summer, getting tangled in his sheets is quickly becoming a temptation too hard to resist. And I have a feeling I’m about to uncover a side of him that is so much more than just the sexy junk yard owner—a side the rest of the world seemingly already knows.

If I don’t run him over first…


Giveaway: Amazon Gift Card + The Jerk Next Door!


To celebrate the release of my latest novel, The Jerk Next Door, here’s a fun giveaway for you guys! Terms are below. Good luck!

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💜 Komal


I think lately I’ve forgotten how to express myself.

I forget that in my tiny part of the world, I have a voice.

I forget that I have words at my disposal to tell stories. Stories that make someone laugh. Stories that tear someone apart. Stories full of love, and loss, and heartbreak.

It has been an overwhelming 3-4 years and I have never publicly talked about the things that have happened in my personal life. There are nights where I still lie awake in bed and wonder how things went wrong and how I got here.

Just like most people, I had a plan–but even with all my planning, everything fell apart. Sometimes certain situations come back to haunt me, and even though it is all in the past now, I still can’t help but wonder if there was a way to avoid it all happening in the first place.

When I was writing Impossible (and most of Falling for Hadie), there was a spark inside of me that burned so bright. I could not write fast enough. But soon after, the personal stuff took over and I have never quite recovered and found that 21-year-old Komal again. Now I’m 25 and trying to find that spark again.

One day, I hope it will come back. Until then, I’ll keep pushing on and translating the voices in my head into stories as best as I can.



I’m so excited to FINALLY reveal the cover for my upcoming release (no specific date set yet, but it will be very soon!), THE JERK NEXT DOOR! This will be an Adult Contemporary Romance with some humour, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

The cover was designed by the fabulous Eden Crane! I hope you like it, and please share!

Studio shot,surfer and his swimming deck

The grass always seems greener on the other side…but that’s mainly because my jerk neighbor keeps using my water.

Isla Matthews’ life was going pretty well.

Sure, her cooking skills left something to be desired, her adorable flower shop was barely keeping itself afloat, and she might have been spending a little too much time with her cat…But she was beginning to fall into a comfortable routine after her parents’ death, and she was content.

That is, until super hot Australian Leo Wayland moves in next door. Or more like, shows up naked in her front yard.

Now he’s everywhere–drinking her OJ, using her hot water, showing off his drool-worthy abs, and somehow even making her laugh again.

Leo is a free spirit–an irritating one at that–and although she hates to admit it, his wild and fun side calls to a hidden part of her…a part that recognizes that her life isn’t going quite as well as she thought it was.

As much as Leo rubs her the wrong way, Isla can’t deny that he’s got her wondering: what if life was more than just being content?

If she opens her heart to him, just what exactly might be waiting for her on the other side?

The Jerk Next Door Cover Reveal Signup!

THE JERK NEXT DOOR cover reveal signup + $20 Amazon gift card!
My next release is coming in late March and I need your help to reveal the cover with me on the 4th of March!
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Surfer from Hawaii posing in the studio.

Surfer from Hawaii posing in the studio.

The Jerk Next Door Teaser

Teaser from my current work-in-progress, THE JERK NEXT DOOR! This teaser comes from the opening of the very first chapter. Enjoy!
There was a naked man sprawled across my front yard.
Not half naked. Not metaphorically naked. Literally stark, bare-butt naked.
The man lay on his stomach, his arms spread out on either side of him, almost meeting in a horizontal line. I guess I should count myself lucky he wasn’t on his back. That would’ve been way too much to handle at seven in the morning.
My first instinct was to call 911—but what exactly would I say?
My emergency? Um, there’s a naked man on my front yard and I haven’t seen one in a long time, so my expertise in that field is sorely lacking.
Yeah, right. That would go over well. I could practically hear the operator dying from laughter on the other end of the line.

Title for my upcoming release!

I would like to announce the official title for my next release that is coming in March…we don’t need a drum roll, but it’s totally cool if you imagined there was one…THE JERK NEXT DOOR!

THE JERK NEXT DOOR will be a fun and flirty Contemporary Romance about Isla Matthews and her annoyingly sexy neighbor, Leo Wayland, who moves in next door. Did I mention he’s Australian?

Eden Crane designed an awesome cover for the book, but I will be waiting to reveal it later this month along with the blurb. Stay tuned!

On that note, I hope you all have an incredible weekend! Party hard, even if it is just binge-watching shows on Netflix (that’s my favourite thing to do on a Friday night)!