Komal Kant is the international bestselling author of BENEATH HIM. She writes books about falling in love, books that make you laugh in awkward locales, and that one book where you bawled so hard that you loved and hated her equally.

Her days are filled with imaginary characters who speak to her in hushed tones before stealing her lunch money, a husband who accepts all her weird writer quirks, and a criminal mastermind Shih Tzu and lapdog American Bully—he’s the muscle.

Find her latest release THE JERK NEXT DOOR on Amazon. It’s a book about an irritating, Aussie neighbor, and features a cast of characters that are cracked.

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Other ways to contact Komal:

Email: komalkantbooks@gmail.com

Twitter & Instagram: @komal_kant

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  1. I have been trying to find on your website about anything recent on the Runaway Mortal series. Do you know when you will get it published?

    • Hi, Rachael! Thank you so much for your message! I will begin writing Book 2 next year. So excited you’re looking forward to it. 🙂

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