Beneath Him Teaser #5

I have another teaser from BENEATH HIM for you. It releases soon, I promise! Not recommended for the young people, like if you’re 12 then don’t read this. Read HARRY POTTER because those books are awesome. (Also not recommended for anyone under 18)


Quickly, I scrambled into a sitting position, blinking several times to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.
It was really Nick in all his half-naked glory.
Yes, he was half-naked. I’d never seen him like this before since he never stayed the morning in my room before. It was like this was our secret that we kept hidden away from the rest of the world. At night as he held me close to him, it felt real, but in the morning it was a fading dream that I struggled to hold onto.
The sunlight sneaking in through the gap in my blinds danced across his bare chest, gleaming along the deep grooves on his six-pack. His thick, muscular arms were taut; the tan deep where the sun hit them. The clear cut abs formed a perfect ‘v’ before being cut off by his navy blue, boxer briefs.
I wasn’t going to lie—I was staring at his package. It looked like he had morning wood and he was, um, ginormous.
I know. Kick me in the face. I was staring at Nick’s package like a nutso. What was nutsier was the fact that he was still here.
I didn’t know if I should say something—plus, I didn’t know how far my morning breath would project. I needed to keep mints on my bedside table for emergencies like this.


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