Top 5 Memorable Moments from Falling for Hadie

Hadie: That’s a pretty tough question. There are some pretty awesome, memorable moments in Falling for Hadie. What are you going to say?
Komal: I guess I could talk about memorable moments revolving around certain characters and scenes. Do you think that would be fun?
Hadie: Super fun!
Komal: Well, in that case, why don’t we start with you, Hadie.
#5 – When Hadie Swinton and Lincoln Bracks meet for the first time
“Watch where you’re going!” she snapped.
I was taken aback by the hostility in her tone and stepped back, folding my arms across my chest. “You’re the one who knocked into me. Do you need your eyes checked or something?”
Her lips gave an angry twitch. “What sane person walks backwards? Maybe you need your legs checked.”
I couldn’t help but smirk. “You wanna check them for me?”
Hadie: That was not cool! He was so rude to me!
Komal: You were pretty rude to him!
Hadie: Yeah, I guess I did overreact a little. So, what’s next?
#4 – When Eddie writes a song for Hadie
Komal: Let me give you guys some back story. Eddie likes Hadie. Hadie dates Bennett. Hadie and Bennett break up. Eddie still likes Hadie. Hadie dates Lincoln.
Hadie: Do you have to talk about my love life in such literal terms? It’s so weird!
Komal: I figured that if I was more literal, it would get through to you a bit better. Anyway, so in this scene, Eddie isn’t aware that Hadie and Lincoln are dating. Eddie’s in a band, so he writes a song and has the lead singer perform it when Hadie comes to the gig. I thought it was a really cute scene.
#3 – When Lincoln makes Hadie scream profanity into the darkness
“…Shit happens, Hadie. Life happens. If we sat around trying to figure out why things happen to us then we’d get absolutely nowhere. Sometimes it’s just best to accept the things that happen and move on. Give life the middle finger…”
Hadie: I will never forget those words. Everything that Lincoln said to me that night was the absolute truth.
Komal: That scene was so powerful. It’s amazing what Lincoln taught you.
#2 – Hadie’s parents
Hadie: *face palms* Oh, God. Like Dad needs a boost to his ego.
Komal: Hey! Your parents are the bomb!
Hadie: Never say that word again. Please.
Komal: The bomb! The bomb!
When I walked into the kitchen to grab my dog’s leash, I found my parents kissing.
“Ew!” I cried, shielding my eyes with a hand. “Don’t you two have a room where you can do that?”
Dad turned to me, his brown eyes twinkling. “We need to tie a collar with a bell around her neck so we know when she’s coming. Don’t you think, Susanne?” He glanced at Mom.
“Oh, that’s a great idea,” Mom said as she gave me a teasing smile. “I can get her a name tag too. I’m always forgetting her name. What was it again?”
Dad scratched his head as he studied me. “It’s H-something. Hannah, wasn’t it?”
“No, Henrietta?”
“Harrison?” Dad slapped his palm against the side of his head as if it had suddenly dawned on him. “I remember now. It’s Hadassah!”
Hadie: That was gross! I don’t want to see my parents kissing!
Komal: Wait, there’s one more scene that I loved that they were in.
Dad raised an eyebrow. “Will there be boys where you’re going.”
“Probably, Dad.”
“And alcohol?”
“You know I don’t drink.”
“Do you want to borrow my pepper spray?” Mom quizzed as I sat down at the table and pulled on a pair of ankle boots.
My brow furrowed at her question. “Mom, why do you have pepper spray? You’re a secretary. What’s the worst that could happen to you?”
“Sometimes your dad gets handsy at work,” Mom said, wiggling her eyebrows up and down. “I need something to keep him at bay.”
Dad winked at her. “You know it, Sugar Pops.”
Hadie: Well, that settles it. I have the world’s grossest parents. Please tell me the #1 most memorable moment is something less vomit-inducing and doesn’t revolve around my parents.
Komal: There’s nothing to worry about—
Bennett: Say it. You’re #1 memorable moment revolves around me.
Komal: *in disbelief* Why would it have anything to do with you, creep?
Bennett: Because I’m just that awesome.
Komal: You’ve got to be joking. You’re a total jerk and—
Hadie: Let me handle this. You go ahead and share your most memorable moment. Bennett and I have some things to talk about.
Komal: *mouth drops open* Some things? Like what? What are you discussing that I don’t know about?
Hadie: That’s another story for another day.
Komal: This doesn’t sound good. *composes self* Sorry to keep y’all waiting! My #1 most memorable moment is pretty special and is actually the entire epilogue. I can’t share all of it due to spoilers, but here’s a few lines from it. Thank you for reading along! ❤
#1 – Epilogue
Cherish every second you have. Hold the ones you love close to you.  Sing, even when you don’t know the words to the song. Smile when the sun shines on your face. Dance in the rain.


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