The truth about Falling for Hadie

I’m going to be straight with you. I haven’t talked much about Falling for Hadie since it released–mainly because I’ve been trying to recover from it, but also because I didn’t want to get overly emotional about it. Eventually, I realised that sometimes it’s okay to be a little emotional.

That’s why I want to put this out there because it’s been running through my mind a lot the last couple of days: Falling for Hadie means so much to me. It means the world to me. I didn’t realise how much this book meant to me until two days ago.

I cry every time someone sends me a message telling me how much they loved it, or when they say that it is one of their favourite books or that Hadie and Lincoln are their favourite characters, or today when I was on Goodreads and I saw someone had made a quiz for the book! Yes, I cried because someone made a freaking quiz! I have no words. I am not a crier, but you guys make me cry.

Life is not easy, but we have to carry on and keep living. I wrote this book because I know that sometimes in life you go through extremely difficult situations. And, you know what the worst part is? The worst part is that life doesn’t stop just because you experienced devastation. Life keeps going. And the traumatic event that we experienced is already in the past, and it’s a past that we have to move on from.

In a way, I guess the worst part about life is also the best part. It’s the best part because regardless of loss, death, and grief, there is still life, birth, and love for us to experience. There are still things to look forward to. There is still a chance to live and to breathe and to learn. Your life doesn’t have to end just because someone else’s did.

We don’t have to forget, but we have to keep on living. Falling for Hadie is based on reality. I didn’t lose the love of my life, but I lost someone I loved. The characters in this story–Mrs. Bracks, Becky, Kance–are people I have met in my life. Mrs. Bracks and Becky aren’t figments of my imagination; they really did react that way in the exact same situation.

I am still young–I’m only 22–but I have been through things that I will never forget. I have experienced things that have broken me down. I have struggled and given up hope.

But Falling for Hadie isn’t about losing hope; it’s about finding hope, even when you feel like there’s nothing left to live for anymore. It’s about finding hope even when you think no one cares about you and that you’re all alone. It’s about finding hope even when you’ve been through something that has torn your life apart.

Hold onto that hope–a dream, a reality, a loved one–and never let it go.

“The difficult things we go through are the things that make us stronger.”

Here’s a final truth: I cry uncontrollably each and every time I read Lincoln’s letter. Without fail.


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