My upcoming contemporary release: THE STORY OF US

For anyone who missed out on my announcement, I just wanted to do a post here to let you know that after Wrong Side of Town releases in July/August, my next release of the day (and possibly my final release for 2013), will be The Story of Us.

The Story of Us will be a Mature Young Adult Contemporary that is a stand alone. It has no connection to the With Me series. The blurb is below and here is the link to Goodreads if you want to add it to your TBR. Thanks!

There was a time when I was certain how my life would turn out. 

It would be us going to prom. It would be a spring wedding. It would be having two kids. It would be with you.

That’s not how it ended.

That night, you destroyed me. You broke me in ways I never imagined. You shattered every hope and every dream I ever had. Sure, things were at a low between us. Sure, we both made bad choices that night, but we could’ve made it work. We could’ve made us work.

But now there’s no prom. No wedding. No kids. No future. Now there’s just misunderstanding and regret. Now there’s just me, left to look back on what went wrong.

This is the story of how we fell apart. 

This is the story of us.


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