Why are you REALLY a writer?

Why do writers write?

Is it because there is an intangible world out there that we have to tell everyone else about? Is it because we know these really cool people in our head that we want other people to meet? Or is it so we can spend time on social networking sites complaining about anyone who doesn’t like our vision?

Let’s face it. Revisions and countless rejection letters should have toughened us up by now. We should have skin as thick as a rhino’s.

So, why are there authors out there – and I mean authors with fabulous agents and amazing book deals – who continue to attack reviewers that leave negative reviews? A bad review isn’t going to stop readers from buying your books. You know what is? An author with a bad attitude who acts like a troll. Yeah, I said it. Troll.

Look at Stephenie Meyer. Do you think she was never upset about a bad review? Be honest, how many negative reviews have you read of Twilight? I bet Harry Potter has its share of bad reviews too. Authors get them every day but not every author uses their platform to bash reviewers.

Of course it’s going to hurt. Of course we’re going to have a soul-wrenching feeling as someone tears our book apart. We have spent countless days, months and years on this. We have cried, become caffeine-addicted hermits and lost sleep over it. A reviewer can’t simply come along and say whatever they like.

Well, yeah, they kind of can.

Reviews are objective but when an author, or anyone associated with them, gets involved and starts criticising a reviewer then things get personal. Very personal. People get hurt and authors look like they’re the bad guys.

The point I’m trying to make is not everyone is going to love you. Not everyone is going to love your book but someone will love your book.

If the negative is getting you down, draw from the positive. Remind yourself why you are doing this. I bet the first, second or even third reason won’t be because you’re trying to impress someone else. Get your loved ones to remind you how awesome your book is.

Most importantly, remind yourself how awesome your book is.


4 thoughts on “Why are you REALLY a writer?

  1. Awesome post, Komal!
    CrossFit?? That's amazing! Honestly, it is the hardest training I've ever done, but it's also the most satisfying. I'm doing things I never believed I would – or even could. I mean – honestly – the last time I did a pull-up I was maybe eight years old! Now, I do them all the time! (with help from a band…ha!)
    The best part is that CrossFit meets me where I am. I work as hard as I am able each day – and it's true even for seasoned athletes that have been training CrossFit for years! Make sure you keep me updated – whether you go for CrossFit or Yoga.

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