Second last check in for ROW80& Writing Advice Part II

Last week I talked about the first attribute of a writer that is taken for granted, as mentioned in THE AUTHOR’S CRAFT by Arnold Bennett. Part One was about the sense of beauty that writer’s see in their work and how we wouldn’t write something we are repelled by. This week, I take a look at the second attribute.

“The other attribute which may be taken for granted in the novelist, as in every artist, is passionate intensity of vision. Unless the vision is passionately intense the artist will not be moved to transmit it. He will not be inconvenienced by it; and the motive to pass it on will thus not exist. Every fine emotion produced in the reader has been, and must have been, previously felt by the writer, but in a far greater degree.”
I believe that last line is an incredibly important one. As writers, we must emote with every scene that we write and every character that we give life to because if we don’t, then how can we expect our readers to do the same? If a scene isn’t working, if a character doesn’t feel right, we need to realise that it will not work for the reader either.
Wednesday will be my final update for ROW and I will post Part III of  a writer’s attribute. It’s hard to believe ROW ends in three days. I didn’t do too well with my goals this week. A week ago, if you had asked me, I would’ve told you that my story would be done by this Sunday. Unfortunately, I was very busy this week and didn’t manage to get it done.
Monday – 1465
Tuesday – 1400
Wednesday – 837
Thursday – 0
Friday – 0
Saturday – 0
Sunday – 571
Total – 4273
I really want to get the story done by the Wednesday check in. I only have a chapter and a half to write so I really hope I can push through and finish my first draft!
Good luck to everyone for the next few days!

7 thoughts on “Second last check in for ROW80& Writing Advice Part II

  1. You can do it!

    And, Yes! To the Author's Craft quote — I especially agree with, “He will not be inconvenienced by it…” Absolutely, if I don't feel the passion for what I'm working on, I won't take the time to work on it.

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