Story Teaser and Check In

The smell of rotting fish and eggs filled my nostrils. Something damp and sticky clung to my arms and legs as I pushed through the piles of mounted junk. After thirty minutes of enduring the stench of decaying sardines I was kind of starting to hope that some kind soul out there had thrown out a bottle of perfume. Or at least cheese. I liked cheese. But that wasnโ€™t what I wanted – it wasn’t what I had risked everything for. I was here for one thing, the one thing that could save my life.

*Blushes* That’s the first paragraph of chapter one of my WIP, Runaway Mortal. This is my first draft guys so it’s horrible, messy and needs lot of fixing up but I’m putting it out there to get some feedback. Last week, I used a quote by Tolstoy to illustrate the importance of placing your character in a position that makes your reader want to know more. Go check out the post here.ย Be brave, guys, post a teaser from the first chapter of your WIP to get some feedback. It can be one sentence or one paragraph and doesn’t have to be polished.

Now, onto my accomplishments for this week. I wrote 1836 words this week and didn’t reach my goals but it was a hectic week for me so I’m not going to give myself a hard time about it. This was my final week at work ย as I have decided to focus on getting my health back on track. Work was sort of adding to all the stress and I decided this was the best decision for me in the long run. I still have school though, but that finishes up in a month so I will have the summer to focus on my writing.

I hope everyone else did well with their goals this week! Don’t forget to post or link your teaser in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “Story Teaser and Check In

  1. Neat start, so we're in a dumpster yes? Definitely interesting, what could be in there that they would go through this nastiness to find?

    Too funny, I posted my own first few paragraphs of my nano story today. I'm going back to read your other post, thanks for linking to it. Good job your goals!

  2. Now I'm curious to what the MC could be after to make that.. worth it. I certainly hope the stress level goes down sometime soon. Still, not a bad job on those goals ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck!

  3. Great teaser! I like the idea of sharing a teaser, might give it a try – wonder if it will work as well for my 'real-life' story as it does for fiction! ;D

  4. Love the teaser. Visceral, which is the key.

    Health is another key and its good to see that you are focusing in on that. Word counts come and go but without good health they tend to go more often then not.

    Have a great coming week ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That's an intriguing beginning. I recently read a news article about people who “mine” toxic dumps and landfills to support themselves. Sometimes they must swim through poisonous, chemical-laden runoff. I wrote a dumpster scene for one of my novels, they're fun to write.

    Yes, health is #1, everything else falls in line after that. Less stress = more writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My NaNo teaser / synopsis can be found via a link on my ROW80 post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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