Joining up ROW80 and my Goals!

Hello, everyone! I’m joining up for ROW80 in this check in. I joined up for ROW80 the last round but due to my illness I wasn’t feeling too well and went into a writing slump as I was preoccupied with doctors and hospitals – the latter being something I don’t enjoy very much.

Anyway, I initially thought that my goals for this round would be something quite vague – write something, anything – but I thought I could do much better than that. Recently, I’ve been writing a lot more so I decided to challenge myself.

I’ve written about 30, 000 words for my YA WIP Runaway Mortal and I need to write about 40, 000 more words to complete it. So I decided that I would attempt to complete the 40, 000 words by November 30. So that would mean I need to write about 770 words a day and 5400 words a week. (I’m just rounding up all the numbers)

This is a big goal for me but I know with everyone’s support I can get it done! I will be checking in every Sunday with my efforts and also with what I’ve learnt that week about writing.

I look forward to getting to know the participants this round. Good luck to everyone!

10 thoughts on “Joining up ROW80 and my Goals!

  1. great goal – we are all here – its doable and you seem to have the motivation – but please remember not to beat yourself up if it doesnt work – you dont want to be ill again

    all the best for coming week

  2. Sounds like a great goal! I found that keeping both a daily and weekly goal (like you have) helped me since on some days I couldn't get writing in and other days I wrote way over my daily goal. Good luck!

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