Coffee Shop vs In the Privacy of Your Own Home

As I type this blog entry I am, in fact, sitting in Borders in their cafe area upstairs. This is the first time I have ever been to a cafe to work on my story and it’s an interesting experience. (I haven’t had any coffee. Yet.)

I hear a lot about writers sitting at a coffee shop/cafes working on their next bestseller as they casually sip on a latte while being inspired by their surroundings (I mean, honestly, what could be more inspiring than a bookstore? It’s a great place to research and peruse books that we wish we’d written and outline books that we know will be sitting on a Borders bookshelf one day).

Uh oh. I hear a baby crying in the background. There goes my train of thought.

I have to admit, it is pretty quiet here – except for the guy talking on his phone – and you feel like you have to write something because everyone is waching you (Ok, so no one is watching me, but still).

However, I miss my sofa. Nothing beats lounging around at home in – mainly – peace and quiet. I also have all my research books at home and I can’t really be lugging those around with me. I had enough trouble carrying around my laptop bag – yes, I am ridiculously weak.

Did I mention that I had to travel 40-50 minutes by train just to get here? I’m sure there are cafes closer to where I live but this was the closest and quietest one I knew of inside a bookstore.

I guess I’m not cut out for this “writing in a cafe” business. Give me my PJ’s, sofa and bowl of fruit any day!

Question: Do you prefer writing at home or writing in a coffee shop/cafe?


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