The Writer’s Diet

I have always been a self-proclaimed health freak but ever since I started taking my writing seriously, I have given in to the dark side. I need plenty of energy when I write and a glass of water coupled with a bowl of salad just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I crave copious amounts of sugar and am content to munch on Krispy Kreme donuts rather than prepare something healthy for myself. I am also very close to losing the epic battle with my coffee addiction. But my strong will must prevail (or at least I hope so).
There was a time when I absolutely could not get any writing done without:

A) V energy drink

B) Iced Coffee

C) Coffee

Question: What is your writer’s diet?

6 thoughts on “The Writer’s Diet

  1. something I can pop in my mouth wihtout thinking – M and Ms, peanuts, grapes… though it typically is not healthy!!! And I now am a coffee drinker because I stay up to late writing and cant wake up to teach in the am!
    Thanks for following! I am one of yours too!

  2. Coffee is almost like a writer's must have beverage. It's the only thing that can really keep you company during those lonely nights/early mornings of writing.

  3. Hi Komal! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment about my excerpt of Stolen Destiny. I'm proud to say it comes out in June (so excited!).

    As for my writing diet, let's just say that it's not health food. Not good for the waist size at all!

    Have a great one!


  4. Not at all, Gabrielle. I think your writing is beautiful and I look forward to reading more. How exciting for you that your book is coming out!

    Now if only we could find a way to “healthify” our diets, hehe.

  5. My writing diet consists of copious amounts of sweet tea, popcorn, and way too much cookie dough. Maybe I should try some grapes or something instead….

    I am happy to say that I don't do coffee or soda or any other caffeine drink, so I don't have to break that habit. Even my sweet tea is cheater sweet tea so it has no caffeine (it is an herbal blend made to taste like black tea). Now sugar on the other hand….

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